Meet Napa! 

Napa is the first dog I adopted as an adult on my own. I was working at a dog kennel and she came in to be trained as a narcotic detection dog for the Police force. She unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) failed some of the testing steps for the training. They were looking at sending her back to the rescue group they got her from, I just had to step in and adopt my sweet psychotic Napa. 

We lived in California for a little while together, then we made the 12 hour car ride to Washington state to start a new life. After awhile we both agreed Washington was just to wet for our liking so we picked up and moved to our farm in Southwest Virginia. 

Napa’s day are now filled with chicken wrangling, ball chasing, and snoozing on the porch. At about 11 years old it’s amazing to me how hardy and athletic she still is. She welcomes every new person who comes to the farm with a tail wag and a tennis ball presented at their feet. If she can’t fine a ball she’ll bring you a stick or any other object she can find so that you’ll play fetch with her. 


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