Bottle Babies 

The farm has been growing. Back in November I acquired two heifer (girl) calves. Since the plan is to keep them the remainder of their natural lives we decided to name them. 

David decided on Molasses (Mo) for the bigger girl. She is about a week older. For the smaller one we chose Myrtle. Both names seem to suit them perfectly. 

When we first brought them home they still needed to be fed milk from a bottle (hence bottle babies). It has been such an incredible journey to watch them grow and learn. With the passing time they have been weaned off of their milk and are now out with our mature cows drinking from the stream, kicking their heels up in the pasture, and eating hay and grain like champs. 


10 thoughts on “Bottle Babies ”

    1. ☝️ I agree!! You write so well Emmers. I think you should write a book and I can get lost in the pages and dream I’m living farm life too! So proud of you. David too. 💗💗


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