Bottle Babies 

The farm has been growing. Back in November I acquired two heifer (girl) calves. Since the plan is to keep them the remainder of their natural lives we decided to name them. 

David decided on Molasses (Mo) for the bigger girl. She is about a week older. For the smaller one we chose Myrtle. Both names seem to suit them perfectly. 

When we first brought them home they still needed to be fed milk from a bottle (hence bottle babies). It has been such an incredible journey to watch them grow and learn. With the passing time they have been weaned off of their milk and are now out with our mature cows drinking from the stream, kicking their heels up in the pasture, and eating hay and grain like champs. 

Lazy Crazy Sunday

We went to the Country Store in our town this afternoon to eat an early dinner and listen to a Bluegrass band jam. That isn’t how we planned the day would go, but I couldn’t have asked for a nicer way to spend it. 

We got home from church after running some errands and discovered our power was out. We called the electric company and found out that it wouldnt be back on till 7:30pm. 

With that bit of news we decided if our power gets to take a lazy Sunday then so do we! We hopped back in the car and headed to town. Instead of getting hung up on the inconvenience of no power it was so much better to celebrate spontaneity and time together with our community and each other. 

Simple Farming



I’ve discovered getting back to a more simplistic “organic” life has been hard, but incredibly rewarding.

I now raise dairy cows, beef cows, bottle calves, sheep, chickens, and a senior Mustang mare. They all require care and attention daily.We also have 7 wild and crazy dogs that bring love and chaos into our lives everyday.

I sell Farm Fresh eggs.

Homemade dog treats.

Farm raised beef.

And more…

All of this is hard, dirty work and I can’t wait to get up every morning and do it for the rest of my life.